Charlwood Players are working on our next production.


A new play by Snowy to make it’s premiere in Charlwood in mid April 2013...


It is called ‘Angels’. Set in heaven, it is a light hearted look into life in the hereafter. 


No one knows what lies in store for us when we die. Most religions teach us that ‘Heaven’ waits for those who ‘toe the line’ on earth, but do we go to heaven with human aspirations? or is ‘heaven on earth’ just that? We are told that Angels administer to ‘God’s’ works, but do they act independently or automatically? This little play explores some options.


We are looking to complete a production team to work on our new play. This means all facets of production.


If you can help in any way and would like to be involved in a fun and rewarding communal pursuit, please copy and paste the information below the line in to your e-mail to us, complete the blanks, and choose your area(s) of interest, and we will be more than pleased to involve you. We will add you to our e-mailing list, and advise you of the date of our next meeting.




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Scenery Production/Set Building

Stage Management




Costume Design and Making

Make Up


Publicity/ Advertising

Ticket Sales

Programme Production

Video Production


Front of House

Bar Supervision

Raffle Sales